The UN’s alarm call demands a response from the business community. Telling these stories, says TBD Media Group, is a vital component of driving change

Today, 21 September, marks the beginning of the UN’s 75th General Assembly in New York and online.  

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) covers 17 areas including climate action, education, gender equality, an end to hunger and poverty, decent work and responsible consumption to improve the health of the planet and people who live on it. 

As a business, we have been particularly focused on how commercial partnerships are helping companies around the world achieve these goals: as storytellers, we feel it is part of our responsibility to use our platform to share the positive work in which many industries are engaged, and the steps taken towards making the world a better place for us all to live. With so many changes happening in technology, political uncertainty and COVID’s domination of the news agenda, the trend towards sustainability across all industries has been in danger of flying under the radar. 

TBD Media Group launched the 50 Climate and Sustainability Leaders campaign to highlight the companies that are reimagining themselves and their industries for a better future. We have reported back from projects in the United States, Europe, India, China and beyond to explore how industries from fashion to farming are pivoting to meet the challenge of achieving the SDGs. At TBD Media Group it is our belief as a company that we have a role to play in documenting and providing a platform for these stories. When people feel helpless, they do not change; our ambition is to inspire this generation of leaders to take the bold steps needed to secure the health of the planet for future generations and showcase how the right action can benefit people, planet and profits. 

You can keep up-to-date with the news by following the hashtag #50ClimateLeaders and be inspired by stories from businesses large and small working together to ensure climate change is a race we can win. 

Media contact: Marie Ellis, TBD Media Group, +44 (0)20 3553 3664,

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