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As the fallout from climate related incidents continues to increase in severity, governments around the world are realising the urgency of redoubling their efforts to transition to a more sustainable society.

For many years, the Western world has been considered the centre of the global economy. But that is changing.

The Far East region is evolving rapidly and is set to play a huge part in influencing the world of tomorrow. Across the whole spectrum of industries, Eastern Asia is home to organisations posing some of the most radical and exciting innovations of our time.

These markets, from China out to Australia, are showcasing the ambition and creativity needed to drive society forward, through regionally-focussed work with global implications.

TBD Media Group has partnered with the South China Morning Post to create the Asia 2030 campaign.

The Asia 2030 project is an attempt to showcase the work of the international business

community across Asia that demonstrates the innovation, the desire and the leadership helping to shape societies across the region.

The South China Morning Post, with its extended Asian audience in China, Hong-Kong, Singapore, South Korea and beyond, will use its global platform to highlight the transformational work of the thought leaders set to shape Asia by 2030, with a series of thought leadership films.

These films will demonstrate the importance of this thought leadership on a global as well as a regional scale, in industries such as technology, healthcare, manufacturing, international trade, mobility and energy.

TBD Media Group will produce short documentaries that will form part of a year long campaign with the South China Morning Post, broadcast to its global audience decision makers, heads of businesses and policy makers.

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