Business leaders have already begun transforming operations in response to the climate crisis – and COVID-19 is not slowing down their efforts

The earth’s resources are finite and businesses need to adopt a sustainable approach to using them. In TBD Media Group’s “50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders” campaign, we learn about the companies that are responding to global emissions and pollution today rather than delaying a response until those problems become insurmountable. The digital campaign sees business leaders from industries including pharma, manufacturing, financial services, material handling, telecommunications and petrochemicals addressing crucial issues of sustainability, and covers projects that were well underway before, and have continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A documentary film about each company’s response to the challenge of climate change, forms a positive take on a news segment that often focuses on problems rather than solutions.

Paolo Emilio Zanini, CEO TBD Media Group, says, “The businesses involved in the 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders campaign are masters at putting plans into action, forming meaningful collaborations and finding a place for sustainability at the heart of their companies.”

“We are sharing stories from companies which are at the cutting-edge of technology and established firms achieving their traditional products and services in new ways. Industrial specialists are finding logistical efficiencies that chip away at our carbon debt, while consultants and financiers ensure that businesses receive the knowledge and investment they need to see through their shift towards greater sustainability.”

Companies featuring in the campaign:

Aktia Asset ManagementAmann Group, ArchromaBombyxCarmignac Corticeira AmorimEngel Austria GmbHEricsson , Groupe RocherHeidelberg CementHero GroupJohn DeereKBI Global InvestorsMANN+HUMMELMirabaudNovartisPrysmian Group, REHAU GroupSSI SCHÄFER Group, Statkraft, Suntory Holdings LimitedTIERWilo Group.

With businesses aligned to The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this recent 50 Climate Leaders campaign hosted on Bloomberg, will see CEOs sharing ideas on achieving greater sustainability using solutions that leverage the latest technology and thought leadership to maximize profit.

Notes to Editors:

The 50 Sustainability Climate Leaders project is the response from the International Business Community which demonstrates the desire, the leadership, and the will to take effective action in the fight against Climate Change. Businesses that wish to get involved should contact

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